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The Sloths’ ’HAUNTED’ is the featured song in a new terrifying motion picture THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS released on Feb 8th, 2019 nationwide and on iTunes Movies. The film is the frightening prequel to the famed ’The Amityville Horror’ and the true story of the evil that possessed Ron ’Butch’  DeFeo Jr which caused him to murder his entire family. The official music video combines clips from the film with The Sloths performing ’HAUNTED’ from their album BACK FROM THE GRAVE.

"The Sloths rekindled their 1960s Sunset Strip heyday with a superb performance. Iggy Pop-ish Tommy McLoughlin* was a treat to hear and watch as he used the whole stage during their set."

"The Sloths were as dramatic as they were comical, and they were magicians too, doing magic tricks to make this show really special. The old-school band had played the Palladium in the 60’s, and they could not believe they were back at the same place 50 years later. Their set included fire, knee-slides, shirt-rip-off and mysteriously-appearing confetti."

"The live musical acts that played at the 3,000-person afterparty crossed all ages and boundaries: Beck, Father John Misty, Joan Jett, No Parents, Bleached, The Sloths — if that doesn't represent L.A.'s rock history and present, what does?!"

"It’s been a long time since The Sloths played The Roxy but as fate has it they are back and rocking out like the teenagers they once were. We caught them at Lolipalooza and they were one of the more lively sets. Tom McLoughlin showed no signs of slowing down as he crisscrossed the stage while singing and pulling out prop after prop from his chests."

"The Sloths played Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the mid-60’s with legends such as Pink Floyd, The Animals, and The Doors. Releasing a racy single called ‘Makin’ Love” as teenagers may have prevented The Sloths from becoming legends themselves. Twenty years later the single resurfaced on the influential Back From The Grave series. Almost fifty years after the single, The Sloths reunited to perform incendiary live shows and record their first album. Check out their amazing story here"

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